Alberta-Born ZEAL Making Waves With New Mix

Although he’s a new name in the bass music scene, Canada’s own ZEAL has been making silent waves for a while now. With releases on RAM Records, Buygore, Insomniac, and Viper Recordings, this man has been busy, and people are finally starting to take notice.

Constructing a diverse, yet entirely cohesive, narrative through music alone isn’t ever an easy feat. Some artists consider it nearly impossible. To some though, life’s beauties pave the way in the search for discovering not only yourself, but yourself through musical expression. ZEAL is exemplified through the emotions told by his production. By wearing his productions like a heart on his sleeve, this bass music prodigy will soon share his story with the world.

The world is bright for this young bass music prodigy, with tour dates being released on the daily, so keep an eye on his Facebook page, and for booking information, contact taylor@northpeakmgmt.com

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