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Slander Asks The Most Important Question: When Will The Trap Drop?

So by now you’ve probably seen or heard DJ Davvinci & Lil’ Jon’s When Will The Bass Drop on Saturday Night Live. Davvinci’s quick rise to super-stardom is largely due to his collaboration with rapper Lil’ Jon, who is like, one of the best DJ’s ever. Nothing says “YOLO” more than the Turn Down For What/Turn Up To Death star, possessing the ability to assemble cult followings with his deeply philosophical questions that even Deadmau5 can’t decipher.

Now with over seven million YouTube views and counting, When Will The Bass Drop? star Davvinci has caught the eye of Los Angeles based duo Slander, who’ve geared up for festival season just in time with their trapped-out remix. Expected to cause waves of bloody head explosions that will put shame to any paint party you’ve been to, Slander’s Festival Trap edit is a death cadence we can dance to. Like all of Slander’s Soundcloud releases, you can listen and download it for free below!