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Slow Hours Drops Killer Remix of What So Not’s “Lone”

A few days ago, What So Not released a string of remixes off his latest album, Divide & Conquer. Near the top of that list is a remix by Slow Hours that’s been making waves across the web lately, and with good reason: it’s fantastic. The track is a wildly new perspective on one of the most popular tracks on What So Not’s album. It adds a lush string section and a pumping bass, driving the song in completely new directions.

Slow Hours is a relatively new six piece group based out of Paris. Other releases include a remix of Petite Biscuit’s Sunset Lover, and a playlist of tracks outlining each member’s individual work. You can get more in depth on their Soundcloud here.

Make sure to check out the Slow Hours remix of What So Not & Ganz’s Lone Ft. Joy below!

What do you think? Does the remix add to or take away from the original? Let us know in the comment section below.