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Wave Racer Is Bringing Back 8-Bit With “Streamers”

Wave Racer is probably one of the producers you’ve been hearing about a lot lately. By his musical style and retro art, you can only guess he’s from Australia. He makes a wonderful addition to our other favorites from the sunny island along side Flume and Touch Sensitive. Straight out of Sydney, Wave Racer has a knack for funky, tropical beats and crudely crafted dolphins. We don’t mind his artistic talent because the music is kick-ass. His warped jams and quirky style is just what is needed to stand out among the rest; and we love every bit of it.

Wave Racer- streamers dolphin

“Hey Guizzze”

Wave Racer’s newest banger is a tropical, glitchy tune falling in between Trap and futuristic Indie-Dance. Imagine riding a majestic dolphin through an 8-Bit video game; powered by groovy vocals and blasts of bass. With sprinklings of “whats” and a dash of “heys,” this song is definitely one of Wave Racer’s finest. It’s catchy and fun to listen to; it will put you in a damn good  mood too! You will also be excited to hear that Wave Racer is coming to tour the states around March, so keep your ears open for set dates!