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VPS Avenger Review: An All-In-One Synthesis and Compositional Engine

VPS Avenger is an incredibly detailed softsynth. In addition to powerful and complex synthesis capabilities, VPS Avenger has a huge library of presets as well as genre-specific banks. The 64-bit synth really shines with its OSC Transformation parameters which allow to you to morph an OSC Module’s wavetable.

It also boasts 8 individually controllable OSC modules, step sequencing, arpeggiation, and so much more. Capable of FM, subtractive, wavetable, and digital modular synthesis, VPS Avenger is a solid contender for the best softsynth on the market. It also sounds great right away, regardless of how simple your oscillators are.

The OSC Transformation parameters are unparalleled in their ability to completely change or mangle a sound, depending on how they’re used. You can even go as far as combining FM, wavetable, and subtractive synthesis in a single oscillator module. From cinematic apocalyptic sequences and analog bass sounds to soaring leads and psychedelic pads, VPS Avenger has you covered.

In addition to amazing synthesis capability, VPS Avenger can be used to compose entire tracks thanks to its highly functional drum sampler and sequencer. The sequencer and sampler interface is easy to use for anybody familiar with navigating a DAW.

There are several included drum kits which sound great, as well as sequencer pattern presets to simplify the creative process. After you’ve composed your drums, bass, and synths in VPS Avenger, you can mix them in a fully functional mixer module where you have individual control of each sample and sound.

There are also a ton of effects to choose from, our favorite being a 4-band graphic EQ that sounds and functions very smoothly. As far as we know, there’s nothing else that offers such immediacy to producers. We also really like the simplicity and efficacy of the modulation matrix and envelopes.

VPS Avenger is a fully-fledged compositional interface, complete with mixing and mastering functionality in addition to its synthesis and sequencing capabilities.

So how does VPS Avenger stack up against other heavyweight softsynths? It’s no contest: at the moment VPS Avenger has them beat in all aspects. The workflow feels natural and there is an unbelievable amount of included presets amongst the factory content and expansions.

It’s definitely the easiest digital synth we’ve used in terms of opening a preset and then dialing in the sound we want. Compared to other synths, the GUI is intuitive throughout- from the sequencer to modulation routing, to dialing in complex waveforms.

VPS Avenger is $220 and includes 168 drum kits and sequences, 30 effects, 47 filter types, 17 distortion shaper algorithms, as well as the ability to import your own wavetables and samples. To list the rest of the features would take another article…try the demo and see for yourself why this will be the last and only softsynth you might ever use.

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