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Vigiland – Melbourne Bounce With A Swedish Twist

Looks like Sweden knows how to rock the Melbourne Bounce scene.. and then some! Swedish duo Vigiland, made up of two underage guys who are sure to make big waves this year, reached out to us to help promote their sound. And let’s just say we were a bit blown away.. Their unique style is a blend of the traditional Melbourne bounce we all know and love, with a filthy, electro-house twist. Makes us wonder what it’s like to party in Sweden (adding that to our bucket list!). Listen to their latest release Take A Bite below – we promise you’ll be stoked you did.

As of right now, these guys remains a mystery to the public eye – at least over here in the States. But its only a matter of time until it’s discovered that the Swedes can bounce with the big Melbourne kids. Keep your eyes on Vigiland – we’re pretty confident that their originals and remixes are going to hit the hottest spring break festivals and summer massives across the globe.

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