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Valy Mo Announces Remix Contest for Latest Track “The Call”

There isn’t a whole lot of information that you can dig up on DJ/producer Valy Mo, but you can find his music online dating back to 2011. His style “oscillates between house and bass music”, which is clearly noticeable in his recent single Mars (ft. Charlotte Puppinck). Valy has had major releases on UKF, NEST HQ, OWSLA. Most recently his debut EP, A Night Shift With Valy Mo, is now availble through Tchami’s Confession label. After his Confession release Valy put the stems for one of the tracks, Gas Bubble, in his SoundCloud bio.

The latest track available for remix from Mr. Mo, The Call, dropped on February 23 and features fun, catchy vocals, and a playful house drop. Days later the accompanying cartoon music video released, which looks like Valy created it as well. The remix contest posted to his social media accounts on March 5, where he shared a link to the vocal acapella.

The best remixes will later release in an official remix package, which includes distribution, promo, and support. The deadline is April 5, so start creating!