Useless Holiday Gifts For EDM Lovers – Part 2

With Christmas just a day away, the rush for those last-minute gifts is on! Are you one of the many who are stretching things thin? Stumped on what to get for that special raver in your life? Fear not, Dance Music Northwest is here to help! A Resolution ticket is an option, as they’re 90% sold out, but, let’s face it- they’re aren’t cheap! Instead, why not try giving the gift of the unexpected? From unicorn finger gloves to Christmas colored glitter poop pills, these quirky, wallet-friendly nuggets are sure to bring laughs and WTF expressions. Ladies and gents, now presenting: part 2 of our Useless Holiday Gift Ideas For EDM Lovers catalog!

Magical Unicorn Bath Bomb


Ever wondered what a magical unicorn smells like? Well, here you go! With this hand-crafted bath bomb, you’ll smell like all sorts of foo-foo lala (or sweet and fruity as the listing puts it). As an added bonus: body-safe glitter! Yes, not only do you get an opportunity to smell like a magical unicorn, but you can also get your Ke$ha on and bathe in sparklies! OK, maybe this gift isn’t so useless after all.

Unicorn Hand Décor


You get out of the tub and are smelling like a magical unicorn. Next step? To look the part. So ditch those LED light gloves, grab these bad boys and go crazy!

Inflatable Cat Unicorn


While you’re rockin’ the unicorn look, and scent, don’t forget about your special furry feline!