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tyDi’s Newest Album ‘Redefined’ Brings A Rollercoaster of Emotions

tyDi was looking to bring variety with his new album, Redefined. He did more than he anticipated. At the age of 17, as the youngest winner of Australia’s No.1 DJ two years in a row, tyDi has continued to prove his greatness since his first win in 2008. The now 27 year old musical mastermind has set the bar for producers. The feelings he evokes on Redefined are endless. tyDi is no stranger to dance music lovers in the Pacific Northwest, but if he’s new to you, don’t just take our word for it; experience the tide of emotions for yourself. Back in May, tyDi teased late night fans with 30 minutes of unreleased track, which was exactly that: a tease. The particular track that tyDi teased fans with would have made an excellent bonus addition to Redefined, as it matched the emotional theme that he created in the album. Redefined has 20 tracks featuring artists like Kerli, Michael Paynter, Luke Mansini, BC Jean, Dashboard Confessionals and more. If you have already taken a listen to Redefined, make sure to take a second listen to Until I Met You featuring Cameron Forbes. 

 Until I Met You is lyrically about the very last thoughts of someone who’s about to go down in a plane crash.-tyDi

Some might argue that Redefined has a pop feel. Others might argue that it’s one specific genre. A third argument could be that it lacks originality because there is a resemblance of sound to other artists such as Maroon 5 and Owl City. Even if so, tyDi has invested three years of his life into this album. Whether some might like Redefined or not is another story, but on effort and dedication alone, tyDi has earned our respect once again. Be sure to purchase, or at the very least preview, Redefined on iTunes. Chances are you’ll be happy you did. tyDi has been updating fans through social media about the tracks on Redefined. Make sure to follow or like his pages to be updated with the most recent track inspirations and let us know if the track updates help you relate to the songs better.