Trance Lends A Helping Hand In Wake of Manchester Attack

The world was rocked last week following the tragic event in Manchester, England, Monday evening after an Ariana Grande concert. Through tragedy though comes resolve, as Manchester and England showing theirs as thousands quickly came together to donate blood, offer shelter, free taxi rides, and other services to those affected. As the victims and their families start the healing process, a crowd-sourcing fund has been set up by the Manchester Evening News in conjunction with the British Red Cross, to provide economic assistance. Also lending a helping hand: English Trance artist Craig Connelly.

Connelly hails from Manchester, starting off as a local DJ in the city’s thriving club scene before working his way up the ladder to become one of the best in uplifting and progressive trance today.

Never one to stay quiet, Connelly uses his music and social media platforms to discuss real world issues, as things that transcend music and entertainment. The Manchester attack took a heavy toll on him personally, as he took to Twitter to convey his thoughts as details of last Monday night unfolded.

To assist the Manchester Evening News/ Red Cross fund, Connelly released Hearts of Manchester. The single samples Ariana Grande’s emotional ballad One Last Time, and features a mellow piano rift throughout. No real progressive trance elements, this song is as uplifting as they come. Take a listen below!

All proceeds generated from Hearts of Manchester‘s digital sales will go directly to the fund and is currently available to download on all major streaming platforms. You can make a contribution to the fund online as well.