Native Instruments

Traktor is About to Get Its First Major Upgrade in Years

Anyone who has mixed, produced, or even attended an event with a live DJ is probably somewhat familiar with the mixing software, Traktor. Created by company Native Instruments, it allows the user to mix tracks together relatively seamlessly from an existing MP3 library. Traktor can also be used with mixing controllers when connected to a laptop, giving the user all the same knobs, tuners, and faders from a traditional mixer.

While Traktor has become one of the most-used DJ softwares to-date, it’s also relatively old. Released in 2014, the software has yet to undergo any major updates or upgrades. Due to this, a score of competing platforms have been released over the years that have challenged Traktor. So, in order for Native Instruments to stay competitive in the DJ market, the company announced plans to offer a new version of their beloved app.

Native Instruments recently revealed Traktor Pro 3, available October 18 for $99. If you already have Traktor Pro 2, then the company is offering an upgrade at a fairly low cost of only $49. Among some of the updated features, Traktor Pro 3 will offer better sound quality, an updated user interface, and newly redesigned hardware controllers that are compatible with this version of the app.

Controllers can be purchased separately and come in two basic versions; The S2, which is a simpler version perfect for beginning DJs, and the S4, with all the pro-features an established DJ could ever need (other controllers are also available from Native Instruments, but these are by far their most popular products).

Whether you’re new to the game of DJing, or are an experienced veteran of the art, it stands to reason that you’ve probably used Traktor at some point. With these new updates to the app, along with new additions to its popular and already established controllers, Native Instruments is cementing their place among the elite of music mixing, and seeking to evolve their business to maintain relevancy industry-wide.