As the weekends of high-octane, floor-shaking club music come to close in the bleak hours of early Sunday mornings, we often find ourselves browsing through Youtube or various online radio stations trying to find that chilled, continuous house groove; A mediator of music in-between the partying and the work-week. Well, now Tiesto has filled that gap, and my, how lovely it sounds. Branching off from his high-profile Club Life podcast, Tiesto is set to introduce After Hours, a deep, warm house set that runs from 5:00am Sunday morning until 5:00am Monday morning. Club Life After Hours will be featured on his Sirius XM radio station, and will also special guest music artists to host throughout the weeks.
Tiesto - Club Life After Hours 2
The 24-hour podcast is set to launch this Sunday, August 4th, on Sirius XM Club Life Radio, so be sure to tune in after your long, wild weekend. Happy Listening!

You can find more on Tiesto’s Club Life and sign up for 30 days of FREE Sirius XM Radio, HERE.