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The Room is Too Big Tuesday 004: The Son Doong Cave

We’re back! Again. Yes, that’s right, you’re gentle spiral down the deep dark cavern that is big room marches on. It’ll continue that way too, until you know nothing in your life but fist-pumping and making indistinguishable yelping sounds every time a drop hits during a live set. Is it healthy? Hell no, and you need to stop immediately before you lose your mind. But should you do it anyway? Yes. God yes. Deep house may be all the rage right now, but where’s the fun in doing anything but bellowing for joy once you hear those trademark saws building to a crescendo?

“Try and tell us that every festival doesn’t need at least one DJ specializing in big room, and we’ll come after you like a dinosaur dual-wielding lightsabers riding a polar bear.”

This week, we’re going back underground (physically, not musically), diving straight into the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. Sure, Episode 001’s Mao Cave was pretty fucking big. But there’s a solid chance you could stuff a Mao Cave inside of this one and still have room for the tracks we’ve picked out for you this week. Discovered by a farmer back in 1991, some estimates claim the Son Doong is upwards of 87 miles long, with the ability to fit a 40-story skyscraper. It even contains its very own rainforest, lakes, beaches, rivers, and animal life, making a locale perfect for The Room is Too Big Tuesday.

[authorbox authorid=”14″ title=”Nick’s Pick: Henry Fong & D.O.D. – Bust Dem”]

Henry Fong was one of our picks in our last spelunk (trust us, it’s a word and it makes sense, don’t bother looking it up), so it’s only appropriate that I bring him back for one more appearance now that we’ve landed in the jungles of Vietnam. Bust Dem carries that distinctive Melbourne bounce vibe that your cooler friends roll their eyes at the second they see an Australian, so naturally both Ted and I freaking love it. If you don’t find yourself talking at a volume appropriate only for the most obnoxious of hype-men after listening to this one, later, rinse, and repeat until you can barely hear yourself think over your own voice. You can thank us later.


[authorbox authorid=”966″ title=”Ted’s Pick: Jayden Parx – Without You”]

I awoke this morning not feeling well. I realized there was only one cure: Big room bangers. Jayden Parx may not be the biggest name in dance music, but Without You is a behemoth worthy of any mainstage. Our event space for this week is underground, so one of our tracks may as well have been, too! Beautiful vocals with a thundering kick, and more saws than a lumberjack camp, made this a no brainer for The Room is Too Big Tuesday.