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The Official DMNW Shambhala 2015 After-Movie

For all of our best festival experiences, we often relive them in our heads over and over, remembering the best moments of the weekend with our friends and loved ones. We think of the amazing music we saw, the people we were there with, and most importantly, the way that festival made us feel. Shambhala is a festival that brings back these memories in detail, as the most unique experience you’ll find north of the border. Having already released an after-movie of their own, Shambhala has already given us one way to relive 2015’s experiences.

We’re here now to provide our own means for reminiscing, in the form of the most ambitious and expansive after-movie DMNW has ever made. Featuring tons of 4K footage, music from Fractal Forest favorites, and a focus on the delightfully weird people that make up the festival, it’s replete with everything that makes Shambhala special. And if after watching, all you want to do is join in on the fun, that’s entirely possible: Tickets are on sale now while supplies last, so don’t wait and risk missing out on the festival experience of a lifetime!

Special thanks to our wonderful and talented filmographer and editor, Jack Lipke, as well as Northwest locals INNIT for cutting together the audio!