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The Dance Music Diaries, Episode 8: Wesley Holmes

House music has always had a home here in the Pacific Northwest. With Q Nightclub frequently hosting some of the best DJs the genre has to offer, it’s continuing to grow to epic proportions, led by their weekly night Studio 4/4. But in the midst of the big names that have swept through our fair region, the Northwest has very quietly built a stable of house DJs of its very own. One of those very artists is the latest guest to pass through The Dance Music Diaries, with Wesley Holmes sitting down with the guys for a whopping hour and 42 minute journey through the scene.

Holmes has been an active participant in the house music scene in Seattle since the late-80s, parlaying his veteran status into weekly residencies at both Rebar on Sundays, and Q’s Studio 4/4 on Thursdays. For his Dance Music Diaries interview, he takes us back on a journey through the last 27 years of house music, his experiences with the legendary Donald Glaude, and plenty more!

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