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SynthShare: A Web App for Constructive Criticism of Your Tracks

Earlier this year, a brand new web app called SynthShare was launched to help producers get constructive feedback on their tracks. It’s clean, it’s functional, and it’s free! We’re going to take a look at what sets SynthShare apart from the rest, and give you a breakdown of its core features.


One of the first things you want to do after signing up is post a track. It can be a full song, or just a clip you want to share. There are two options for sharing music: you can embed a song that you already have posted on Soundcloud, or you can upload an MP3 directly from your computer. Once you’ve selected the file, you’ll need to include the genre, track name, and an explanation of what you are looking for feedback on.
SynthShare Upload


SynthShare runs on a unique credit system. Each time you submit feedback for a track, you earn one credit. Every credit you earn grants you the ability to unlock a review for one of your tracks. Essentially, the more constructive feedback you give, the more you will be allowed to receive.


Receiving useful feedback on tracks is the main goal of this site. All feedback is moderated by the owner in order to keep spam and unhelpful comments from plaguing the community. It is suggested that users post unique and thoughtful comments when reviewing tracks. All comments must be 100 characters minimum.
SynthShare Feedback


Owners of tracks also have the option of grading the quality of feedback they receive. A karma score held by each user reflects the quality of their feedback, which adds another level of communication between users. You’re able to see how well your feedback is received, and use that info to provide better feedback in the future.

What’s Next

Currently, SynthShare allows users of all experience levels to give and receive feedback. However, there are plans to limit the feedback you can receive to users with specific levels of experience. At the moment, there are only three genres to choose from when posting a track: EDM, Hip-Hop, and Rock. This will be expanded with more options once the user base has grown and the community demands it.

SynthShare is a great tool. It may still be in its infancy, but it fills a key role in the music production process. The free web app is likely to flourish given the proper amount of love and commitment from the EDM community. Give them your support and let us know what you think about SynthShare in the comment section below!