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Enter For Your Chance to Meet Super8 & Tab [Giveaway]

Super8 & Tab have been busy this year, with not one, but two new albums, featuring their unique sound that is helping move trance forward. Super8 & Tab and fans alike are excited for what is happening with their music, and now Seattle gets to experience what they have been working on, and for one lucky winner, for free!

On Friday June 22, Super8 & Tab will be playing at the The Underground, and you and a friend could be seeing them for free. But that’s not all, the winner also gets a meet and greet, a pair of tickets, and receives some free merchandise to boot!

Remember, if you are not our winner, tickets can be purchased here. Don’t wait too long to purchase though, tier 1 and tier 2 are already sold out, and they are going fast! Enter below for your chance to win in the meantime, and keep your fingers crossed for good luck!

Exclusive DMNW Super 8 & Tab Giveaway