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Local Favorites Super Square Brings the Heat With “Street Fighter”

Seattle trio, Super Square, is one of the Northwest’s fastest rising acts. Their latest release, Street Fighter, delivers on all points, and those who are familiar with the light side of SuperSquare will be pleasantly surprised by the upcoming track.

While this track will be released as a single on April 30th, it’s also part of a larger remix EP slated to be released later this year. What’s cool about this, is that the track will accompany a new music video release on the very same day; there’s a lot of stuff in the works from SuperSquare to look forward to!

Just the other day DMNW had the opportunity to talk with Super Square member Helen Nowik about their new track, change in style, and what to expect from the group moving forward.

Like all great tracks, it all starts with an idea, and for Street Fighter the idea began in the car one day with Helen and Super Square member A_Rival. On the way home from a gig, A_Rival had some of his vocals playing the car and having done the vocal work himself, he thought it could be better if Helen gave it a shot.

What came about was Helen rapping lyrics layered over a kickdrum and dubstep synth, with a sound reminiscent of 80s martial arts soundtracks. It hits hard, but what hits harder are Helen’s vocals that provide an unexpected component to a bass-centric track.

Helen describes this sound as “more authentic,” continuing on to talk about how “early on we were worried that if our sound was too heavy or too ‘non-mainstream’ we’d risk losing a following. All the while realizing that listeners hear authenticity, they gravitate towards what you’re most passionate about.”

We agree with you Helen, be your authentic selves! We love the harder sound and so will the fans. Save the date April 30, 2018, because that’s when Super Square drops their heaviest, most authentic track to date.

If you want to hear the new track live, Super Square has a show April 28, 2018, in Spokane. If you can’t make the Spokane show, you can also catch them opening for KJ Sawka, alongside Decadon, and local rising star Rebel Scum at Bass Therapy on May 4, 2018, at Stage Nightclub. You can be sure they’ll drop the new track at one or both of these shows, and we can’t wait to see it!