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Subscura: Performances From Moonlit Festival Fields to Bright Stages

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For the last several years, Vancouver based Subscura has been bridging the gap between performance art and live music. Anyone who’s recently attended Bass Coast, Shambhala, or several other festivals have likely seen a Subscura performance. Drawing their inspiration from their roots in the Vancouver electronic music community, the group has been leaving lasting impressions on their audience time and time again. This years performance of “Volition” had our feelings running from the range of scared and worried to relief and wonder. Their acts have left many with a sense of inspiration as well as inward reflection.

While dancing and performance art have become much a part of any festival as the music itself, it’s how Subscura chooses to display their art that sets them apart. A combination of disciplines such as aerial hoops, circus acts, theatrics, and dance moves give Subscura a multidimensional feel. Their consistently evolving acts truly display their passion for their craft and a labor of their love. We’ve made sure over the last 2 years to not miss their performances at Shambhala, and additionally this year at Bass Coast. If you haven’t seen Subscura perform we suggest checking out their highlight reel from 2015.

Subscura is one of many examples of how festivals and live music can potentially go beyond the limits of the stage and into the hearts and minds of the attendees. With a vision of being a self-sustaining performance art collective that inspires and connects to their audience, Subscura manages to do exactly that. More importantly, it’s an example of how a common connection like music can unify us all. No matter what you music taste, being able to take away anything from a performance is something worth remembering. The women of Subscura have undoubtedly made their way into our hearts and left everlasting memories in our mind.

On November 20th, Subscura will be bring “VOLITION” to the Rio Theatre for its Vancouver premiere. The night will also feature newly created material from October and a never before scene video collaboration. With promises of performance art, dance, spoken word, music, art, door prizes, raffles, and more – it’s going to be a great night out for anyone. Tickets are available for just $18CAD in advance and $20 at the door and we highly suggest picking up a pair.

Photo: Joffrey Middleton-Hope

Photo: Joffrey Middleton-Hope for Bass Coast

It’s events like these that keep the true spirit of what makes music so special. Beyond that, we find it extremely important to support your local art scene of any discipline. From DJ’s to producers, dancers and performers, these are the people pushing the bounds of what our community is capable of. We urge more people to be involved with their community beyond just purchasing a festival ticket. Volunteer, create, be active and supportive. You are a product of your environment and we support any environment that furthers the good of our dance music scene.

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