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Spinnin’ Records Signs Its First Ever K-Pop Artist

Consider the definition of K-Pop: “A genre of music that originated in South Korea and is characterized by a variety of audiovisual elements.” What does this sentence remind you of? Looking at this definition helps us to make some connections between the similarities of K-Pop and EDM. Both genres rely on a variety of electronic instruments and audiovisual presentation to enhance the experience. K-Pop’s repetitive chords, plus bright and cheery vocals reflect mainstream pop-EDM and happy hardcore. Therefore, it only makes it fitting that the two genres are able to interconnect.  In an announcement by Starship Entertainment on Februrary 27th, Spinnin’ Records released that they signed its first K-Pop artist.

Hyolyn, most noteworthy as a member of the South Korean all female group Sistar, will be joining the Spinnin’ Records family. In addition, the group contains three other members: Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. The group released their most recent album Insane Love in June 2016. Sistar is a K-Pop troupe, but this is not Hyolyn’s first foray in electronic music.

Sistar collaborated with DJ Soda for a mash-up, plus Hyolyn has been an electronic music enthusiast for years. Hyolyn is also the vocalist on Far East Movement’s October 2016 single, Umbrella. The Korean lyrics are smooth and melodic over a consistent bongo-sounding like drum line throughout. In the official statement by Starship Entertainment, it states that Hyolyn is the first K-Pop and Asian artist to sign to the label. Furthermore, Hyolyn will be at SFSX in Dallas for her first U.S. performance this March, along with two concerts in LA (March 19th) and New York (March 18th).

Her LA performance will be at The Mayan , and you can get tickets for $64.45 after taxes. Also, Hyorin plans to release a collaboration with Justin Oh in March, which is just in time for her U.S. shows. Are you a fan of K-Pop? If so, what are some of your favorite tracks? What is your ideal K-Pop/EDM collaboration? If you’re not a fan of K-Pop, what would be your ideal EDM/non-EDM collaboration? Share your responses in the comments below!