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Soundcloud Announces Paid Tier & The Free Trial Frenzy Begins

Is it enough to make you dump your current service?

We knew that a paid tier of Soundcloud wasn’t far off, and now our suspicions have been confirmed. Now that Soundcloud has deals with all three major labels, it’s time to announce that paid tier of Soundcloud that we all saw coming.

But why would you pay for Soundcloud, you ask? You don’t have to, it’s still optional to take advantage of the perks that Soundcloud offers for free. But if you want access to even more tracks, the ability to play music offline, and an ad-free experience you may want to consider trying it out. Soundcloud is offering free 30 day trials to let you get a taste of the good life before deciding to invest your hard-earned $9.99/month. You can do that right here on the Soundcloud Go page.

Soundcloud Go

Now that’s a shiny new streaming service! There’s tons of things we love about Spotify, and Apple Music has its perks too, but to have access to much of the same library in addition to user-uploaded music and full sets from your favorite artists? This could be good. Good enough that in the name of improving our own experience and supporting those trying to build their careers via Soundcloud, we’re considering dropping the extra $9.99/month to let Soundcloud Go into our lives. After all, why choose when you can have both?

We’re certainly going to give this service a shot for the next 30 days, since there’s no risk. Whether it’s good enough to replace our current service, or helpful enough that we want to keep our current service and add this one remains to be unseen. Only time and lots of exploration will tell.

What do you think? Is Soundcloud Go going to blow Spotify, Apple Music, and (dare we say it) Tidal out of the water? Or are you too old and set in your ways to seek change now?