Bass Therapy’s SoSleepyy Is Taking His Beloved Pajama Party On The Road This Summer

If you have ever attended a Bass Therapy event, you’ve probably heard of or have been to one of their iconic pajama parties, hosted by Bass Therapy head honcho, SoSleepyy. Known for his fresh take on bass music, and his affinity for naps, he originally started his series of pajama parties at Bass Therapy to share in his love of resting and raging with the rest of the community.

Inspired by a variety of dubstep acts, SoSleepyy curates sets that are as diverse as they are entertaining. Add to this his charisma on stage, and you have a recipe for success. Riding the wave to the top took him only a year and while he’s gained plenty of attention in Seattle, he’s also been garnering attention nationally.

Because of that, he’ll be hitting the road this summer for a handful of tour dates, alongside Pixel Terror, Bandlez, Casey Jones, and Slimez. One of Seattle’s most entertaining and unique performers is about to get a whole lot more dynamic, with stops in Portland, Boise, New Orleans, and of course one right here in Seattle. Check out the full video below, and gear up for what’s sure to be a headbangingly awesome ride.