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Something Big May Be Headed To NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert: Manatee Commune

We hope there’s enough space behind the famous Tiny Desk to fit an entire commune of manatees… if not, we’re sure NPR will settle for the one and only Mr. Grant Eadie, known in the music world as Manatee Commune.

Not only is his submission video for Tiny Desk Concert on a completely different WORLD compared to the competition, it’s genuinely the magic of his music – the raw, unabated emotion and pure serenity of sound – that sets Manatee ahead of the rest. Watch his submission video below; we’re certain it’ll have you turned completely inside-out.

Tiny Desk Concert is an intimate, live-recorded performance that is held quite literally behind the “tiny” desk of NPR producer Bob Boilen. This small space has played host to some of the most profound artists of our generation, including Wilco, BANKS and Adele.

This year, NPR has opened up their behind-the-desk scene, making room for some lesser-known talent. Currently, Tiny Desk Concert is taking submissions for a chance to grace their petite stage, and the desk is piled up with over a thousand entries last time we checked. We are so thrilled that Manatee Commune is seeking this opportunity, and we can think of no one else more deserving than this red-headed multi-instrumentalist who just so happens to be a Northwest native.

manatee commune npr tiny desk concert

His source of inspiration? “Undoubtedly Cascadia. The Northwest is one of the most unique and inspiring places; the coasts, rain forests, and misty little cities like Bellingham.”

Limiting the space and therefore the amount of equipment and accompanying band members able to fit, Tiny Desk Concert offers fans and listeners a truly unique, stripped-down version of the artist, making for one memorable performance that can’t be heard anywhere else. Even T-Pain had to leave his signature Auto-Tune at home during his Tiny Desk performance, and the results were pleasantly surprising.

We aren’t quite sure how Grant plans on fitting all of his props behind the desk; we imagine he’ll be adorned as usual, with an electric guitar strapped over his shoulder, wind chimes hanging from his ears, drumsticks up his sleeves, toes on the foot pedals, a viola balancing ever-so-carefully on his head and one hand somehow on the controller, blending all of the magic together. (We just hope they’re okay with him removing his shoes and socks before his performance… it helps to get him into his element.)

Send your good vibes and well wishes Grant’s way; We’re eagerly awaiting news that the Tiny Desk will get a visit from the Manatee man and his commune of instruments very soon.

Watch Manatee Commune’s live, in-studio performance at KEXP