Slander Re-Imagines Above & Beyond’s “Always”

When you think about Above & Beyond, you think of ethereal vocals, uplifting basslines, and sweeping progressive trance vibes; Always is textbook Above & Beyond with those attributes and more. The original version begins with the quintessential Above & Beyond vocal work, with an angelic voice dripping with honey sung heartfelt lyrics.

Slander’s remix begins with a slow melody, heavenly vocals, and a smooth bassline; In fact, at the beginning of this track, you can’t immediately tell that it’s a remix. It’s not until about one minute in when Slander adds a future bass style undertone at the chorus that you can really identify this.

Generally, one does not think of bass remixes when it comes to Above & Beyond, and definitely not in relation to bass duo Slander, but the bass duo brought a new vision to this already incredible track by re-working it into something new and fresh. Most importantly, they manage to keep the integrity of the original track by celebrating it and keeping its original magic.