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Skrillex Draws Attention (and Ire) With New Track “Would You Ever”

After waiting patiently, Skrillex returns with Poo Bear, dropping his newest track, Would You Ever. There have been many mixed emotions with the release of the track. Some expected Skrillex to drop another Kyoto, but it is not the case with this song. Noticing the mixed emotions of his fans, Skrillex took the issue into his own hands and gave a statement on his Twitter.

“I’m human and imperfect. I can’t promise I’ll always make music you’ll personally love but I promise to always give you my honest emotions”

Skrillex has been collaborating with many artists in the past few years from Justin Bieber to Rick Ross, experimenting outside of his original dubstep sound. Would You Ever brings out the other side of the hard style DJ: the house and pop vibes. Another track by Skrillex, we’re not complaining.

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