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SHARPS’ Newest Collab Remix of “Without You” is Worth a Listen, or Two

Local DJ SHARPS  and Los Angeles DJ, CONVEX are at back it again. These two collaborated in the past, so we were ecstatic to see this remix come out! SHARPS and CONVEX dropped a new remix of Adventure Club and Hunter Siegel’s track, Without You, and it is awesome. Summer season is quickly approaching,  and this is a remix we’ll most likely hear in the festival circuit or clubs.

It is beautiful, while making you feel so much in such a short time frame. With easy builds through out the song, it is the perfect track to lose yourself in. It will for sure get your body moving, and is just an all around feel good song. It takes the fun, somewhat synthetic feel-good vibe in Adventure Club’s original, but with a quicker, more future sound. The drops change variously into some heavy synthetic bass, which will certainly resonate with those that love that pretty, future bass sound. At about the 3 minute mark, it takes the same style, but adjusts it to add underlying horn sounds. This does not last long,  but it definitely puts a different feel in the track. Add piano, drums, and smooth vocals for a remix to ease us into the summer months.

SHARPS and CONVEX collaborated previously, and we hope this relationship continues. Check it out for yourself!

What were some of your favorite moments throughout SHARPS and Convex’s collaboration? Are there any additional local artists releasing some amazing music lately? Share your responses and links to tracks in the comments below!