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Schedule Your Shambhala With ShambhaTimes

Shambhala, Schedule, ShambhaTimes

Shamb fam! The 19th edition of Shambhala is quickly approaching, and we’re thiiiiis much closer to throwing down at our favorite place in the world. The lights, the sounds, the people; it’s all right around the corner! But while everybody attends Shambhala for their own reasons, DMNW is always going to be there for the music. What kind of a music publication would we be if we didn’t?

Keeping track of who you want to see while at Shambhala is a battle on its own. There are so many talented artists packed into 4 days it’s impossible to catch everyone on your list. So when it’s Saturday night, and you have that twinkle in your eye, you’re either going to be in one of two mindsets: “I don’t give a shit who’s playing right now”, or “HOLY SHIT WE’RE GOING TO MISS MY FAVORITE DJ!”

Thankfully, one dedicated Shambhalite went ahead and took care of the latter before that problem even began. Behold, the ShambhaTimes app, available for Android users for free on the Play Store. One quick download will set you up with the entire schedule at your fingertips! Featuring the schedule by time or stage, a full artist list, alarms, and an option to create your own personalized schedule, ShambhaTimes will save you the trouble of trying to find a printed schedule and a flashlight, while standing in a dark forest on a head full of party favors.

Shambhala, Schedule, ShambhaTimes

Whipping out your phone might seem like something that’s counterproductive at a place like Shambhala. Festivals are a place where we can connect with each other on such a basic level it’s almost taboo when you see someone with a phone in their hands. BUT, after dabbling into the world of festival apps this year during EDC, FVDED, and most recently at Bass Coast, we have to say we’re very pleased with the results. If you’re a dedicated head then you have every reason to download ShambhaTimes to ensure the FOMO won’t come knocking on your door.

We’ve already started personalizing our own schedule, and it’s shaping up to be one of the best weekends of the summer! So what are you waiting for? Download the app and start building a schedule today! Not overly familiar with the lineup? Don’t worry, DMNW has you covered with a stage by stage breakdown of who’s who – starting with the Village.

Keep your eyes peeled for previews of the other stages, and in the meantime start building your schedule using the ShambhaTimes app, available for Android users for free in the Play Store. We’ve got less than 2 weeks before the gates officially open, so take this time to enjoy the calm before the storm and prepare yourselves for what’s about to come. See you on the farm!

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