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How Shambhala’s 20th Anniversary Was Saved: A Story of Love, Passion, & A Little Chaos

So…how was it?

In a word: Incredible. Each and every stage brought something new to the table this year, from the completely rebuilt Pagoda, to the new and improving Living Room. Beyond that, the production across the board was beyond anything we’ve ever seen from Shambhala in DMNW’s four years of attending.

The Pagoda - Shambhala 2017

The new and improved Pagoda featured some next-level production in 2017! | Photo Credit: Banana Cam Photo

We’d highlight some of the better sets, but that would literally just be us listing off virtually every single artist on the lineup. Everyone brought their A-game this year, with a few surprises cooked into the Sunday lineup by surprise sets from both Terravita and Downlink at the Pagoda, more Truth than we ever could have hoped for, and an unbelievable 2-hours from the King of the Village himself, Excision.

While the wildfires were inextricably linked with the events of Shambhala 20, don’t let that underscore just how amazing the weekend ended up being when it was all said and done. And if you’re dissatisfied enough with the way things were handled enough to not come back next year at all, that’s certainly your prerogative. Just know, the rest of us will be dancing the weekend away at the Farm every August in perpetuity.

Photos lovingly provided by Banana Cam Photo: Facebook | Instagram