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Shades & Ivy Lab Announce 2017 North American Tour

Just in case 2017 hasn’t already been off to a good enough start, things just got that much better. It was recently announced that “that guy from Shades” Alix Perez is teaming up with London-based Ivy Lab for a highly anticipated North American tour!

Alix Perez, Shades

Alix Perez doing what he does best.

Two of the biggest acts in the world of bass music will be making their low end waves around the continent beginning February 24 in Salt Lake City. And while there’s one odd show that takes place closer to the Atlantic Ocean, the west side is going to be hearing the majority of the action, staying true to the adage that we can’t get enough bass on the west coast.

Luckily for us, the promoters did their homework as the tour promises three stops in the PNW with confirmed dates in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver!

Ivy Lab, 2017 Tour

A rare sighting of the trio in action

With Ivy Lab throwing down what was easily our favorite set of Bass Coast 2016 and Shades providing us with one of the dirtiest, most memorable, performances in the history of Shambhala, it should come as no surprise that bass heads will be flocking to the closest destination on the list. So keep an eye out for ticket info and start doing your crunches in bunches, because this show is going to hit, hard.

Explaining what Shades and Ivy Lab are capable of bringing to the table can even be a daunting task for those well versed in the scriptures of bass. So instead of trying to explain it, just rinse out the mix above and we promise it will convince anyone on the fence to buy a ticket right now, as if a person like that actually exists.

Links to the PNW shows are below, so you have absolutely no excuse for slacking on those tickets! Join DMNW as we help take over the dance floor for something the likes of which this region has never seen. We’re calling it now, this is going to be one of the best shows of 2017!!

Seattle – March 8 – Q Nightclub

Portland – March 11 – The Whiskey Bar

Vancouver – March 25 – Red Room (available soon)

PS – Don’t forget your ear plugs! Trust us, you’re going to need them.