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Seven Lions Makes Psy-Trance, Weirds A Bunch Of People Out

Seven Lions is probable one of the most innovative producers on the scene right now. He is well known for his melodic sounds while blending elements of dubstep and trance. Recently Seven Lions released his new track Lucy just to weird some people out. The track is more or less a psy-trance meets big room song featuring samples of LSD quotes from old movies. The track has garnered some negative attention from some of his fanbase because it is such a different sound than they’re used to. Some have even called it the death of Seven Lions, and he couldn’t care less.

So for everyone out there saying “RIP Seven Lions”… Suck my balls, you are the kind of people who make this feel like a job and not something I am doing for fun. For everyone else who has heard this song live on big ass speakers, I hope it did its job and weird-ed you out just a little bit.

Lucy was born out of Seven Lions playing an undisclosed club with bottle service, to a crowd that was not feeling his melodic styles. So he decided to weird everyone out and play all the psy-trance which he had been stock-piling for his upcoming venture to Burning Man. Needless to say, this freaked people way out of their musical comfort zones. Seven Lions went on to note that it was a strange night but he still had a lot of fun.  On the flight home the next day, he decided to make Lucy in response to the previous evening’s shenanigans.

This is why Seven Lions might be one of the most talented producers around. For someone to simply change their style so completely while DJing is impressive enough, but to change the style of music they produce as well is another level. What do you think of Seven Lions new track?