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New Era of Dubstep Takes Over Seattle: Introducing Seattle Sub Sessions

Seattle Sub Sessions

Guest article written by Angela Nguyen

While the true origin of this electronic music genre is often debated, dubstep grew from the underground basements and pirate radio stations in the UK during late 90’s through the early 2000’s. A bastardized combination of drum and bass, two-step, and UK garage, dubstep has since taken on many evolutions through the influence of key players and labels in the genre.

As an ode to the dubstep scene of the days past, Seattle Sub Sessions is a dubstep-only night at Pioneer Square’s Club Contour on every third Saturday of the month. Contour is the perfect venue for such an event, with a long history of hosting bass shows under the fine folks at Shift, once known as Shift Dubstep Sessions.

In March 2016, Erik Robinson hosted his first Seattle Sub Sessions, and has since attracted the likes of dubstep heavy hitters and emerging locals throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Some notable names on the lineup include Savage Society’s Blankface, and the UK’s legendary don LOST in collaboration with Brinkage. Erik has since built a growing and loyal following of fans, who prove that there is a strong dubstep community brewing in the Emerald City.

“One of my favorite things about Seattle Sub Sessions is brings together a unique crowd of people,” Erik says. “There’s the younger crowd who like the new style of dubstep, or ‘riddim’ as they call it. Seattle Sub Sessions also brings out an older crowd, who’ve been around since the beginning and tend to enjoy the old school, more chilled-out style.”

From the deepest and darkest sounds to the wonky and heavier sides of dubstep, Seattle Sub Sessions is a showcase of the best that 140 BPM has to offer. But you likely won’t hear songs akin to Zomboy’s Like A Bitch being dropped here. “A majority of people in Seattle seem to enjoy that new dubstep sound that you’d hear from labels like Never Say Die and Disciple,” Erik says. “But that’s not what Seattle Sub Sessions is about. I want to push the original and underground sounds that got me, and many others into this genre in the first place.”

There are few places in town where you can listen to good dubstep on an intimate level—the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Stripped away from the elbow-to-elbow crowds, the flashing lights and CO2, Seattle Sub Sessions is your monthly dose of dubstep for those who can’t get enough.

The next Seattle Sub Sessions will be held on Saturday, January 21 from 10pm-2pm at Club Contour for those 21+, featuring riddim producer Mr. Yukk. For more information and updates, visit Seattle Sub Sessions’ Facebook page and follow the upcoming event page. If you’re a local dubstep producer and interested in booking a spot at a future Seattle Sub Sessions event, send your mix submissions to

Will you be attending Seattle Sub Sessions? Drop a comment and let us know.

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