Burning Man Comes to Seattle Suburb with SeaCompression

Playa Moon Dust Included!

Art? Check. Music? Check. Fire? Check. Playa dust? Check! Last Saturday, the Pacific Northwest Burning Man community came together to bring the Black Rock experience to the Seattle suburb of Burien, WA. A family-friendly event, SeaCompression 2017 brought together people of all ages for a celebration of dancing, art, and community. If this is what Burning Man is really like, it’s no wonder why it’s become one of the world’s premier social gatherings.

Neon Garden (Photo: DMNW Team)

Taking place in downtown Burien from 4 PM to midnight, hundreds braved the cold temperatures to dance and participate in activities ranging from body painting to stepping inside a dust storm simulation tent (complete with moon dust collected from the Black Rock Desert itself!). The festival ground, which covered a few blocks, was sprinkled with bright art cars and installations – some of which spewed fire high up into the night sky at the push of a button. There weren’t many bicycles, the primary mode of transportation at Burning Man, but with an event radius so small, there was no real need for them it seemed. The neon jet skis driving around; those were cool though!

A Frickin’ Submarine! (Photo: DMNW Team)

The Burn (Photo: DMNW Team)

The music was non-stop, as multiple stages provided different soundtracks for the night. House, techno, dubstep was prominent as people vibed to the beat. Performers took to the streets as well, dancing with flow toys and fire- amongst other things. A 21+ tent offered the adult crowd a chance to grab drinks and dance to their hearts’ content.

Performing with Fire (Photo: DMNW Team)

Art Car (Photo: DMNW Team)

We got to meet many people, most of whom were dressed in costumes that celebrated SeaCompression 2017’s Wizard of Oz theme. Even the kids got in on the action! A mass amount of costumed attendees had incorporated neon lights into their attire. Add in the radiating light from the art installations, and the pyros that kept shooting to the sky, SeaCompression was a visual treat. Everywhere you went: bright colors, music and good vibes. A first aid tent and the Burien police department were on site, providing a safeguard, but from what we saw there were no major issues. Everyone just wanted to vibe!

A Comfy Art Car (Photo: DMNW Team)

Have you been to Burning Man? What was that experience like? Drop us a comment below!