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Rubicon 7 Shift Podcast Away From Soundcloud

Duo Rubicon 7, made up of Brandon Scott and Elizabeth Thompson, have decided to no longer upload their weekly radio show to Soundcloud. The formerly Boise-based duo, now working out of Austin, Texas, has recorded more than 100 episodes of ‘Under The Influence’, which can be heard each Friday at 9 a.m. PT on the Mainstage channel of Digitally Imported radio.

With the ever-increasing scrutiny of DJ mixes, remixes, (original tunes?) and more, Rubicon 7 has decided enough is enough. This is their response to being penalized by Soundcloud, as many artists are, for posting weekly radio shows and rebroadcasting others great tracks. In a message to fans, they cite keeping ‘Under The Influence’ a no-cost and ad-free radio show as the ultimate goal, which is achieved.

After years of sharing, collaborating and promoting sounds on Soundcloud, the time has come for us to let it go and move on. Starting with Episode 115, we will no longer upload new episodes to Soundcloud.

Instead, Rubicon 7 will be focusing their efforts on utilizing iTunes, as well as their website, as main sources for downloading individual ‘Under The Influence’ shows. The show is still free to download and, for the many of us who include it in our regular weekly rotation of mixes, all that changes is what url we type-in. As Soundcloud continues to alienate its users, both artists and fans alike, they will move to other platforms, and it seems as though the migration is on.

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