Roland Adds The Classic 808 Drum Machine To Its Boutique Line

Just in time for 808 day, Roland shocked the world by announcing a revival of their renowned TR-808 drum machine.

Roland introduced the original TR-808 in 1980 and produced it until early 1984. Since then, it’s been called one of the most influential electronic music instruments of all time, featured in a variety of styles from old-school Marvin Gaye to modern day trap hits.

Along with the aesthetic touches, the TR-08 contains new features like 16 sub-steps for fast rolls, independent trigger out track, compression/gain/tune for instruments and a selectable modified “long decay” bass drum for more of that legendary BOOM!

The new drum machine maintains the look, sound and feel of the original, with added features that help to modernize the device. These features include a sequencer with 16 sub-steps per step, an LED display and 10 outputs via USB audio.

Roland also announced the release of the SH-01A, a device they described as “a meticulous reproduction of the iconic Roland SH-101, one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time.”

Together, the devices add to an already excellent lineup of modern reproductions of vintage Roland synthesizers. Other models in the boutique series include the JR-06 (Juno 106), the JP-08 (Jupiter 8) and the JX-03 (JX-3P).

Head right here for more information, and check out the promo with Mathew Jonson below to see the device in action.

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