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Rob Swire Has Fun Tweeting Knife Party Teaser

Rob Swire, better known as half of the electro-house duo Knife Party and lead singer of the band Pendulum, once again utilized his Twitter account to release information. This time, it’s about Knife Party’s new album, which is due out later this year. The Australian producer also released a nearly 90-second teaser of the track Boss Mode, which will presumably be featured on the upcoming Knife Party album, Abandon Ship. In typical Swire-style, he also had poked fun in the process.

Swire began with vague tweets about a track for the album. Many of us are used to seeing these types of tweets pop up in our daily feed. These tweets, however, were far more entertaining than an everyday,  ‘CAN’T WAIT TO UNLEASH THIS BANGER’ or ‘OH MAN THIS DROP DOE’.

Shortly afterward, Swire released the teaser for Boss Mode via his SoundCloud. The track has the same slick Knife Party attitude and feel, building anticipation for the duo’s first studio album. This may not be the final version of the track, however, as it is noted in the SoundCloud link that the ‘annoying riff may not make it to final version’.

Swire then re-tweeted some instant feedback he received on the new tune and had some fun with fans of Pendulum. They may not all enjoy his, and fellow Pendulum band-mate Gareth McGrillen’s, project.

The latest news follows tweets from Swire explaining the relatively slow touring schedule for Knife Party this summer. He also approximated a  start date for more shows during the third week of August and repeated that the release date of Abandon Ship is coming soon.

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(Feature image photo credit: Drew Ressler)