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Riva Starr Set to Invade Studio 4/4 at Q Nightclub This October

For those of you who might not know Riva Starr, he’s the Italian 4/4 producer, DJ, and one of the biggest players in the game. He tours constantly and is always putting out music that laughs in the face of genre. His signature is infectious grooves that bring everything together, combining aural chaos and amusing rhythms. His releases on Hot CreationsSNATCH!, and Cajual (to name a disproportionally small few) have been thoroughly rinsed by DJs around the world (with support from Techno Bible, Traxsource, Rinse FM, Tiesto, A-Trak, Jesse Rose, Annie Mac, Giles Peterson, and David Rodigan).

Ok, now, let’s take a minute to talk about this Riva Starr classic (despite being only two months old). The Wickedest Sound begins with a classic house beat reminiscent of Chicago house, which then explodes with an infectious rolling bass line. The contagious groove slowly builds with crazy tripped-out vocals and atmospheric delays, synthesizing a wonderful indescribable feeling. This 4/4 beat will definitely go down in history as a timeless classic. Best of all if you live in Seattle, it’s very likely you’ll get to hear this tune and tons more at Riva Starr’s show next month!

Riva Starr is returning to Seattle this October (10.12.17) to Q Nightclub in Capitol Hill and you don’t want to miss him, we guarantee it.

If you’re not already familiar with the incredibly popular weekly, “Studio 4/4 is a weekly event that caters to the underground house, techno and disco lovers who appreciate international talent and an amazing vibe”.

Skillfully navigating all 4/4 dance music genres, members of Lost Boys, Decibel, Flammable, Inner Flight and Trashed present this fabulous night.