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Rifflandia Early Bird Tickets for 2018 Now Available For a Limited Time

Happy New Year to all our readers north of the border!! With the start of 2018, we thought what better way to kick off the New Year than saving a bit of money for festival season? Rifflandia is returning to Victoria in September, and as such, early birds are available for a limited time! For just $125 (CDN) you can bear witness as downtown transforms itself into a multi-venue melting pot of local and international spanning an entire spectrum of music.

Previous years have featured such names as Z –Trip, Girl Talk, Zeds Dead, Rusko, Bonobo, and Moby, just to name a few recognizable names. Who knows what Atomique Productions has in store for their eleventh year of Victoria’s biggest festival?

Once again winding down what is sure to be a long festival season (we’re still recovering from ours) Rifflandia runs from September 13 – 16, and often works out to be your last chance at grasping on to those quickly fading moments of summer.

September Forever rifflandia festival

aka eternal youth

It may be 9 months away, but you could already have a festival checked off that list for what you’d take home in a days’ work. Look at it this way; if you wait too long it’ll cost $100 more, so you can save that money now or spend it in the not so distant future. Besides, think of how much a hundred bucks will help with that whole “new year, new you” thing you were talking about the other day.

Zeds Dead @ Rifflandia 2017 – Photo by Steve Leung

Click here for more info on how to get your tickets, and while you’re at it check out the early bird prices for Atomique’s other summer festivals – Rock the Shores and the Phillips Backyard Weekender!

All the best in 2018.