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REZZ Keeps Anything But ‘Silent’ In Brand New Tune

If you’ve been anywhere near the EDM scene in the last year, you’ve no doubt heard REZZ’s name being thrown around as one of the biggest artists of the moment. She’s been dominating festival lineups and showing that girl power is indeed a thing, and at 22, she’s making waves in a field that is hard to crack. Her warping basslines and eclectic live sets have put her at the top of the heap and she just keeps rising.

Her newest release, Silent Hill, is no exception to that genre-defying sound we’ve become accustomed to, mixing video game themes with subsonic bass waves, and an almost ethereal vibe. As soon as it starts, you can tell it’s based off the video game of the same name, as Rezz admitted on Twitter that she had just finished the game when she released the track. You can feel the influence throughout, starting off slow and creepy, fusing macabre high notes that slowly build until the drop takes hold, giving you that proper bass we’ve come to expect from the reigning Queen of Weird.

Her stock is rising and her tunes just keep improving, and we’re excited to see the direction in which she goes.

Here is the link to the tune, available on her Soundcloud.