Research Says: the Chainsmokers Aren’t That Popular in the PNW

Unless You Live In Pullman....

Since releasing their biggest hit to-date, Closer, last year, The Chainsmokers have sky-rocketed to stardom that extends beyond the world of electronic dance music. Since Closer‘s release, the duo of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall have been touring the globe and promoting their debut studio album Memories: Do Not Open. They’ve also been performing at some of the biggest festivals and award shows, including a headlining set at FVDED In The Park last month in nearby Vancouver, B.C. Oh, and in this short time frame, they’ve even won a few Grammy’s. As big as they’ve become though, their popularity here in the Pacific Northwest (specifically Oregon and Washington state)? According to the New York Times, ehhh…it’s not all that great.

In a recent study, the Times took Billboard’s top 50 artist of today and highlighted their popularity across the country based on YouTube views in each state. The darker the area, the more plays the artist gets, and vice-versa. Take a look at how popular The Chainsmokers are in various parts of America below!

Photo: The New York Times

The Chainsmokers Are Very Popular In The Northeast. (Photo: The New York Times)

According to the Times, the Chainsmokers get more plays in northeast college towns. Looking even closer, they do receive some heavy plays in Washington’s more populous areas, like the Seattle and Pullman- with the latter standing out the most. Looks like those Cougs are some serious fans!

The other EDM artist featured in the study is Calvin Harris, fresh off the release of the groovy Funk Waves Bounce Vol 1. Despite not performing in the Pacific Northwest for YEARS, Harris is more popular in our region than the Chainsmokers. Like the Chainsmokers, he has a solid fan base in Pullman…and, interestingly enough, northwest Oregon.

Photo: The New York Times

Harris Has A Solid , Balanced, Presence In The PNW, Overall

Looking at the study as a whole, some other Top 50 artists that are heavily represented in the PNW include The Weeknd, Katy Perry and Imagine Dragons (Oregon REALLY loves these guys, apparently). Check them out below!

Photo: The New York Times

The Weeknd Has Many Fans In Washington

Photo: The New York Times

Oregon Really Loves The Imagine Dragons

Photo: The New York Times

The West Coast Is Enamored With Katy Perry

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