Rebel Scum

Rebel Scum Releases ‘Get 2 Know’ On Bass Therapy Network

House/bass fusion isn’t the first thing that pops to mind when thinking about the music Rebel Scum has produced this past year. But with his latest release Get 2 Know that’s exactly what he’s done. Rebel Scum, aka Chase Golka has making his presence known across Seattle, with his daring basslines, atmospheric lyrics, and space themed tracks.

Yet for 2019 Rebel Scum wants to expand his horizons and go where no man has gone before, we’re talking experimentation. Rebel Scum will always stay true to his dubstep roots, yet will depart on mechanics of his upcoming tracks and Get 2 Know isn’t an exception.

Get 2 Know starts out strong with fun female vocals layered over heavy vibes. It features strong dubstep basslines, but it delivers on the unexpected with it’s funky vocals and strong artistic flare, paired with strong house undertones and striking vocals.

Rebel Scum knows how to weave genres seamlessly and he does so in Get 2 Know, seemingly without effort. Chase always brings the heat no matter what he’s producing yet this track gives listeners a different peak into the evil mind of Rebel Scum who isn’t afraid to change things up, take chances, or to evolve his sound.

Out out on all major platforms, Get 2 Know is sure to be a bass anthem of 2019. Grab it now to grace your upcoming playlists. Let us know in the comments below what you think!