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Real Booty Music: Music By The Booty, For The Booty

Eat your heart out, Diplo. Taking twerking to a level that Miley Cyrus and gang couldn’t even imagine, a Danish audio design company has pioneered yet another sub-genre of EDM devoted to the booty. The company, AIAIAI, creates professional-grade headphones for DJs, made for use in the club, in the studio, or wherever high-quality audio is needed. The company was looking for a way to show-off their headphones with new music, in a unique way, and they’ve achieved just that.

Working with the Dutch-based design & engineering company Omnipresent World Of Wizkids (OWOW), AIAIAI developed the aptly named ‘booty drum’. The ‘booty drum’ works by recording body movements through accelerometers attached to the derriere of the dancer, translating these movements into unique triggers assigned to the producer’s samples. The samples, plus the rhythmic movements of the dancer, create a beat, and real booty music is produced. Simply, the movements the dancer makes are specific MIDI values, allowing for a wide variety of potential sample combinations.

In order to turn these MIDI values into an actual track, AIAIAI called upon one of Denmark’s highest regarded twerkers in Louise Kjølsen, who goes by Twerk Queen Louise, and Portuguese producer Branko, aka Joao Barbosa. Branko utilized the beats Twerk Queen Louise was able to create, and the result is Cascavel, a tune made by the booty, for the booty. Check out the video below for a visual explanation, and see if you end up feeling as captivated (and intimidated) as we did.

While utilizing the body as a MIDI isn’t a brand new concept, we applaud the clever-take on booty music by AIAIAI. Do you think it’s a fun-take on the relationship between technology and dance music, or an offensive attempt at marketing? Let us know what you think of ‘Real Booty Music’, and if you’ll be shaking your booty to Cascavel by commenting below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!