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Local Talent Qreepz Holds a ‘Seánce,’ Delivers Stunning Music Video

We’re used to our locals delivering on live shows and killer releases. What we don’t often see are music videos to accompany said tracks. With the latest from DMNW favorite Qreepz, we have just that. Utilizing every tool at his disposable, the talented local gives us a video on par with what we see from international acts. In terms of the song itself, Seánce is equal parts eery and engaging, the result of Qreepz meticulous work mixing and mastering all of his music.

As the the title track of his album by the same name, it sets the tone for what he calls a “Witch-Hop album of complex, aggressive bass music with melodic overtones.” Anytime we see a local favorite powering through boundaries to produce something truly special, we can’t help but take note. Qreepz’s Seánce affords us the opportunity to really see the fruits of experimentation on a Northwest platform. You can peep the whole video below, and follow Qreepz on Facebook and Soundcloud to stay up to date on all his new releases. You can also download the whole Seánce album for free over here!