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Psychedelic Mushrooms May Soon Be Legal in California, What Could that Mean For Us?

Psychedelic Mushrooms could become legal as soon as 2018 in California, making California the first state to do so. The idea is being pushed by mayoral candidate, Kevin Saunders. Saunders kicked his heroin addiction with mushrooms, and believes it can cure many others. He filed his measure on Friday, and from there it will be under review before it’s allowed to circulate for supporters signatures.

The measure would decriminalize the use of psilocybin (the trip-inducing ingredient in shrooms) for anyone 21 and over. But to even get the measure on the ballot they would need 365,880 voter signatures in the state of California.

But what could this mean for us?

Oregon is working on making certain drugs that are a felony, a misdemeanor. This means less jail time and less fines for first time offenders found with small amounts of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and others. If California legalizes mushrooms, Oregon may not be far behind them.

The legalization of mushrooms may lead to less deaths by other drugs, but with that, more public education would be needed. According to the DEA, “Deaths exclusively from acute overdose of LSD, magic mushrooms, and mescaline are extremely rare. Deaths generally occur due to suicide, accidents, and dangerous behavior, or due to the person inadvertently eating poisonous plant material.” The EDM scene tends to be on the younger side, and because of the possibility of eating the wrong plant, people should research more about what is okay.

If mushrooms become legal, it would be one less thing that security can take away from festival goers, or maybe festivals would reevaluate what can and cannot enter the premise. There are a number of items on the do not bring lists, glow sticks, massagers, pineapples and more. But with a new legalization, festivals would have to reconsider their list. If mushrooms are not allowed, maybe marijuana would make the cut.

The legalization of mushrooms still has a long way to go, and there are many pros and cons to the ballot. But, look how far marijuana has come. What are your thoughts on the possibility of legalizing psychedelic mushrooms?