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Porter Robinson & Madeon Deliver (Somewhat) With “Shelter The Animation”

The day has finally arrived for the release of “Shelter the Animation”, and the internet has been a buzz of anticipation.

The video is based on the premise “of a girl living alone for all eternity in a simulation built by her father to save her from the end of the world.” That premise alone had all of us at DMNW wishing, wanting, and imagining the impossible and the implications that fictional story would have on the literary world.

Unfortunately, we were expecting something a bit … longer. It is hard to fully imagine this story in the short version as it has been presented to us. (Make sure to watch the video before we go any further, there are about to be spoilers.)

It opens with a young girl floating in the water and asking a very simple and ominous question “What will become of me from now on?” From there it leads to a girl going through a lonely world creating it as she sees fit. It’s not until later in the video that it becomes apparent that her father had essentially plugged into a machine to survive. She was saved from a cataclysm that had wiped out the entire planet.

The story of the father’s dedication to save his daughter’s life is nothing short of harrowing. Even in that sacrifice, the consequence of eternal loneliness weighs heavy on the heart. It’s an emotional and touching experience.

Overall we thoroughly loved the presentation — though we were really expecting (and hoping for) a little bit more of a short film, rather than a new music video. All the elements were there to have a longer form, but it didn’t quite come to fruition. It is probably our fault of perception and heavy wishing that we would see a new expanded form of Porter’s unending artistic talents. But alas, at least we have another beautiful production.

For more of this musical venture, be sure to check out the Shelter tour this winter. And let us know what you thought of the new video, below.