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PatrickReza Comes Through With All-Encompassing Track “Fly”

Hailing out of Hollywood, California, PatrickReza gives us something to think about with his new track Fly. With a Spotify release note that suggests to “FLY! PLAY THIS ONE LOUD!”, we couldn’t wait to dive in and hear what he has in store.

Bringing you in with a curious “hello” and chirping birds, Fly starts off delicate, but soon transitions into heavy guitar riffs. From there it takes a few moments of ambient, hollow suspension before leading you to a dark drop, with distinct drums and distorted vocals. The entirety of the track inundates your senses. Reza shared his intended purpose for the track on Facebook:

“Characterized by heavy sweeping basslines and distorted crunchy synth sounds, Fly is my sonic representation of today’s distorted and disheveled social reality.”

PatrickReza is notable for experimenting with glitchy, heavy bass sounds, and he brings forth a sort of “future house” vibe with his music. The lyrics featured in his tracks tend to have an emotional-charge, making his sound high-energy in both melody and message.

Listen to Fly below:

What do you think of PatrickReza’s intended meaning for Fly? Which genre(s) do you think PatrickReza’s music falls under? Share you responses with us in the comments below!