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Paris Blohm at Whiskey Bar PDX (Event Review)

Paris Blohm plays whiskey bar

Paris Blohm - Whiskey Bar

Paris Blohm played to a crowded house at Whiskey Bar this past Friday giving us those progressive house beats that just make us want to dance.

We came, we saw, we danced our behinds off, but where was the love? It was a Friday night in Portland and the heavy bass was already blaring from Whiskey Bar. Up and coming progressive house star Paris Blohm was set to play by 12:30AM and we couldn’t have been more excited. Upon walking to the venue there was no line. Not totally unusual, but where was the love Portland? Inside the venue it was a bit of a different vibe. Many were on the dance floor already enjoying local openers Eddie Pitzul and Rubin Sarafinchan, while others of course were huddled around the bar.

It wasn’t until midnight when the crowd started to come alive. Paris showed up to the stage a bit early and everyone rushed to the dance floor. Immediately the responsiveness from the group did a 180 and the energy finally kicked up a bit. The music was blaring, the bass was pumping, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. We can say however that although the music was good the crowd itself seemed a bit scattered at times. What did not appear to be a sold out night, there was never a continuous energy stream and folks came in and out of the dance floor more frequently than other shows that have taken place at Whiskey. Not to say that the overall success of the night wasn’t good, it just wasn’t as packed or had as high enthusiasm as we have seen there before. Highlight of the night however was hearing Paris Blohm play his new hit Colors, the crowd was wild for that song!

Recently, Whiskey Bar went through a bit of an overhaul on their lighting system and we can certainly agree it was for the better. In addition to more lights they upped the level of the DJ booth and the main stage is now much more visually appealing. Nearly all the electronic music venues in Portland are unfortunately lacking in that “wow” factor and haven’t quite reached levels of other northwest venues, but we shall keep our fingers crossed!

New lighting at whiskey bar

New lighting system at Whiskey Bar

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Lover of all things electronic. As a previous lead singer her music roots run deep and appreciation for all genres and artists runs high. She can be found dancing and singing along to the likes of Alesso, Hardwell, and Dash Berlin. Most awkward EDM moment? Watching Borgore sing karaoke.

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