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Who Had the Best Totem at Paradiso 2018? Let’s Take a Look

Armin van Buuren, Virtual Self, and Claude von Stroke b2b Justin Martin weren’t the only ones to steal the show at Paradiso 2018. Totems—some fun, some weird—were aplenty as over 20,000 people made the journey home to the Gorge Amphitheater last weekend for a two-day celebration of music, friendship, art, and nature. From costumes to graffiti, this year’s festival saw creativity take many forms, with totems being the most visible as they were hoisted high into the sky across the venue’s three stages.

Oftentimes constructed as a meme, plush toy, or sign fixed to a pole, totems have become common sights at festivals- serving primarily as a beacon, or group locator. Contributing to totem-mania at Paradiso this year was EDM apparel and lifestyle company iHeartRaves and their totem-creation station which waas located inside of the Paradiso campgrounds.

Here are some totems made us say “cool!”…or “ummm” (all pics were taken by the DMNW team).


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Think your Paradiso totem should be on our “best of” list? Show us what you got! Upload a pic in the comments below!