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An Open Letter on Depression and Suicide from Above & Beyond’s Paavo Siljamäki

Suicide and depression have been at the forefront of media lately, with Avicii, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain all taking their own lives. Above & Beyond’s Siljamäki, like many, was touched by the many suicides. He opened up in a letter he posted on Above & Beyonds Instagram titled, ‘You Are Not Alone.’

He talks about his personal battle. “I am personally recovering from my second burn out in my life, in part I went that way due to the way I’m wired, partially due to the pressures of artist, personal and family life, and also due to past trauma.”

He asks people to talk about their struggles, hoping that though it cannot bring any of our loved ones back, it can maybe help those that are still here but suffering. He is honest with himself and readers, realizing that everyone has a dark side, and feels sadness at times. But if we can share our stories, we can help each other.

For him and others, the Anjuna family has helped them get through hard times. He speaks highly of a support system and being there for others. This support system for many has become music, and suffice it to say, Above & Beyond has helped a number of people get through hard times.

Paavo finishes his letter talking about mental health, though he prefers mental fitness. “It’s something we can train, work at, and get better at,” he opines.

In this world, you want find the place you belong. The EDM community has been that for many, providing us with a feeling of togetherness, and community. Whatever it is that you are going through, know that there are people that want to listen and help.

Paavos message is beautiful and necessary. Pain is not going to go away, but hopefully we can be there for each other. Read the whole post here.