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Outsider & GDubz Drop New Collab “Take You” on Sleeveless Records [Review]

What have we told you about the west coast? Other than the picturesque views, limitless fun, and amazing festivals, of course. We also have a horde of some of the most talented producers in the game right now. Bass music is king over here, and this new release from Victoria heavy hitter Outsider and Vancouver superstar GDubz is no exception.

This dark, warped monster of a tune is already making waves since it’s release on April 5th. Take You is the first collaboration between these two heavy hitters, and boy it’s worth the wait. If you aren’t familiar with either of these names, it’s time you do. Outsider is the definition of an OG, bringing that east coast rude-boy attitude to the west coast a number of years ago. He blends together old and new school like it’s nothing. Outsider’s productions garner support worldwide, and he shows no signs of stopping.

GDubz is a newer face in the Vancouver scene, but by no means is he starting small. As a resident with Digital Motion Events, he is often opening up for some of the most legendary names in bass music at the city’s famed Red Room Ultra Bar.

Now for what we came here to talk about—this new tune. Featured on Sleeveless Warriors: West Coast Bass Vol. 2  by the incomparable Sleeveless Records, this is available digitally and also getting a vinyl release (which is a rarity these days)!

The tune itself? A monster. Starting off low and rumbling, the beat can only be categorized as malicious, creeping up and getting you ready for the inevitable wave of bass to come. The track then drops into a cataclysm of crunchy, low stepping bass, which in our opinion, is exactly how it should be. With the track finishing off in a flourish of chest-rattling power, we think this one’s gonna be high up in the festival DJs arsenal this summer. Take You just screams summer nights under the stars, while getting as weird as we possible can. All in all, this tune is one to remember, and one to blast multiple times a day until everyone around you is sick of it. Not that it would be possible, this one’s a classic for sure!

You can purchase the full track here and the full EP here, and watch the space for the details on that sweet vinyl release!

What do you think? Did this tune Take You somewhere good? Let us know in the comments!