Few lineups continually grow ever year as Shambhala Music Festival’s. Year after year the EDM community becomes amazed by the most unique and cutting-edge music selections. With such a smorgasbord of groundbreaking EDM acts, the festival draws a crowd of 15,000 every year. To each of them, festival becomes something of a second home, if only for a week.

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But all too often, there can be trouble in paradise. Just last week came the moment Shambhalovelies both anticipate and dread: the festival released their artist schedule. As you can imagine, there is some conflict. Six different stages giving it their all for one stacked lineup guarantees this. Sadly, there is no possible way to be in four, three, or even two places at once. Some hard choices will be made!

If your ideal Shambhala experience was thrown into chaos, you’re not alone. We here at DNMW are all too aware of the schedule hang-ups. Some of our lineup faves are going up against each other. Nobody looks forward to a game of “would you rather,” but for a festival the calibre of Shambhala, it becomes necessary.

Shambhala stands out with a mythology all it’s own; a magical place where dreams become real. Anyone attending knows they’re in for the time of their lives. It’s completely possible to enjoy the festival in the moment without worrying about plans. But, for those Type A ravers who know what they want, you got some decisions to make. Let’s look at the toughest ones!

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